Sahra Wagenknecht

Merkel forced to hand over power, soon?!

Chief of German government-in-charge Angela Merkel greeting leftist opposition leader Sahra Wagenknecht Mainstream media in Germany is once more throwing sand into citizen’s eyes….

Neo-Fascists to enter Bundestag

von Finck-Dynasty helped Hitler rise to power and today finances AfD A comment by Ralph T. Niemeyer It is widely anticipated that right-wing Alternative…

Bernie Wagenknecht?!

Chancellor Angela Merkel frequently attacked by Sahra Wagenknecht as “NGO” by Ralph T. Niemeyer Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union / CDU) manages even…

The G20-Spot

German chancellor Angela Merkel celebrates a blackhole as success   A Comment by Ralph T. Niemeyer In Germany these days publicists of mainstream media…

Trump up for Nobel Peace Prize

                                                           Weapon’s of Mass Distraction: CNN & Agencies carry Trump over “red tape”   A comment by Ralph T….