Martin Schulz

Merkel forced to hand over power, soon?!

Chief of German government-in-charge Angela Merkel greeting leftist opposition leader Sahra Wagenknecht Mainstream media in Germany is once more throwing sand into citizen’s eyes….

Merkel’s time is up

Majority left of Mrs. Merkel: Social Democrats, Leftists, Greens and Liberals by Ralph T. Niemeyer German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being made responsible by…

Bernie Wagenknecht?!

Chancellor Angela Merkel frequently attacked by Sahra Wagenknecht as “NGO” by Ralph T. Niemeyer Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union / CDU) manages even…

Trump up for Nobel Peace Prize

                                                           Weapon’s of Mass Distraction: CNN & Agencies carry Trump over “red tape”   A comment by Ralph T….

Goldman Sucks

Greek Prime Minister Samaras and European Parliament President Schulz Samaras: no pressure by banks to privatise. Schulz: shadow banks can’t be regulated, only the…