St. Petersburg invites sovereign World

«Sovereign development is the foundation of a just world»

by Ralph T. Niemeyer

In this difficult time for the whole world, when the system of international
relations and the world economy are actively transforming, it is important to maintain a constructive dialogue between different countries. One of the significant platforms for such a dialogue is the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which this year will be held from 14 to 17 June in St. Petersburg.

This important event in the world of economy and business always gathers
thousands of participants from different countries. For example, in 2022, more than 14,000 people from 130 countries of the world visited the forum, 81 countries sent their official representatives. Egypt acted as a guest country, with which issues of investment cooperation, innovation and security in the Middle East were discussed.

This year, SPIEF is expected to once again bring together a large number of
people interested in building the global economy in the new conditions. As part of the main business program, the forum will host 150 sessions and meetings. Representatives from the Arab world, India, China and Latin America have confirmed their participation in SPIEF. The United Arab Emirates will participate as a special guest. Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz will take part in SPIEF, too.

In 2023, the forum will be held under the slogan “Sovereign development is
the basis of a just world.” The business program is divided into five thematic blocks dedicated to the global processes taking place in the world, leading to the formation of a fundamentally new multipolar economic model that provides opportunities for an equal and constructive dialogue with all interested parties striving for sustainable development.

Regardless of the specific agenda, the main value of SPIEF for its participants is, of course, informal communication, in addition to participating in various panel discussions on various creative topics. It is in this communication that the main subjects of the economy closely converge. Here it is important to communicate productively with the responsible official “face to face” in time, to catch the necessary nuances in a behind-the-scenes conversation. The main important issues in the context of such an economy are most often resolved in this way, and not in Skype or Zoom.
It so happened that the world economy has become a hostage to politics, and the leaders of many countries during the current global crisis have made a huge number of mistakes, for which ordinary people now have to pay.

Now we need to discuss ways to fix everything and establish international economic ties. In this regard, SPIEF is one of the platforms where this can be done.

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