German Fraud-Conspiracy

How legitimate is a state that is still being occupied by at least one of the WWII allies?

by Ralph T. Niemeyer

The delegitimization of the state by a chancellor, social democrat Olaf Scholz, who is facing a second parliamentary investigation committee for covering up financial fraud as well as more and more calls from the opposition to come clean on his knowledge of the explosions of the Nordstream pipeline on 26th September 2022 which has been the biggest attack on German infrastructure since 1945, and by a vice chancellor, Robert Habeck (Greens) who wants to expropriate German home builders by hedge funds from overseas with a mafia-like cliques à “la Familia” in his office, the German ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, is progressing and once again the high treason paragraph would apply if the mainstream media would not lovingly place themselves in front of the power-maintenance crooks, who somehow do not want to portray the whole thing as what it really is: an attack by organized crime on the libertarian democratic basic order according to the substitute provisional constitution, the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany.

It’s about the heat pump business and ultimately about the entire German real estate assets of private homeowners. And that’s exactly what we’re going to look at now. Everything revolves around Economics Minister Habeck and his State Secretary Patrick Graichen, his brother, Jakob Graichen, his sister Verena Graichen, who in turn is married to the Parliamentary State Secretary Michael Kellner, who is the chief of the operational office of the Ministry of Economics. A horrible nice family. We already had that. The think tank “Agora Energiewende” publishes the paper together with the “Öko-Institut”: ‘Breakthrough for the heat pump’. Jakob and Verena Graichen are chairing the “Öko-Institut”. Their brother Patrick, who is now State Secretary at Habeck’s ministry, was the managing director of the “Agora” for 7 years.

Habeck didn’t just make Agora lobbyist Graichen state secretary. He also takes over his Graichen-Öko-Institut-Agora-Program heat pump 1 to 1, without any changes or asking any questions. And now let’s take a look: who is behind the “Agora”? Who controls this? If one follows the money trail one discovers an intricate system of foundations obscure just like that:
The “Agora Energiewende” is financed by the “European Climate Foundation” in The Hague. This is financed by the “Children’s Investment Fund Foundation” in London.
And that in turn is financed by the hedge fund of British billionaire Christopher Hohn. Hohn – income almost 2 million euros – per day – is also the main sponsor of the climate extremists from “Extinction Rebellion”. But the really exciting question is: How does Hohn’s hedge fund make its money? The Fund’s self-description states:
“The fund is focused on “mortgage origination and quality real estate with a focus on major cities in North America and Europe.” Mortgages and real estate. That’s the core of it. What does Habeck and the Graichen-clan’s heating law lead to? Homeowners have to take out mortgages to pay for the expensive heat pump. If you cannot do this, you will have to sell your property.

Grandma’s house goes under the hammer and hedge funds like von Hohn’s buy it up. You may object: Hohn isn’t the only one behind the Agora. That’s correct. And then there’s the German Metro billionaires’ Mercator Foundation. And, also funds from Canadian billionaire John MacBain flow through the European Climate Fund. Like Hohn, a member of Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ billionaire club “The Giving Pledge”.

As soon as you scratch the green varnish, you will find behind it: billionaires, billionaires, billionaires. Real estate is one side of the coin, the other side is the heat pump business. The US group Carrier Global is now buying up the largest German heat pump manufacturer, Viessmann. For 12 billion dollars.

And who owns Carrier Global? 86% belongs to “institutional investors”, i.e. the US financial industry. Namely: Blackrock, Vanguard, The Capital Group. The moment Habeck and the Graichen-clan force the Germans to buy heat pumps, the global financial industry takes over German heat pump production. What a coincidence! Thanks to green climate policy, there is a gold rush mood there. 75 billion euros – that’s how much the Germans have to raise for heat pumps.

Slog and borrow to secure the profits of Blackrock, Vanguard and The Capital Group. The German Greens are the political arm of these global financial interests. The Graichen-clan is the hand that writes the laws for these. Climate policy is making the super-rich even richer, while ordinary Germans are losing the roof over their heads. This is an attack on German national wealth. This is the largest legalized heist in post-war history.

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