Russia reaches out to Africa

“Truth is first victim of war” Monument to commemorate journalists killed in war – Moscow

By Ralph T. Niemeyer

Amid the new world order taking shape by the BRICS countries being joined by ever more nations around the globe, Russia has taken another initiative to reach out to African nations by inviting the journalists of the continent to a first online get together organised by the Russian-African Club at the prestigious Lomonosov State University in Moscow.

The conference which was attended by 300 journalists, lecturers and students from Russia and various Africa countries, prepared the first conference of African and Russian journalists on the 30th anniversary of the World Press Freedom Day proclamation on 3rd May 2023 which will be held in Moscow and is expected to be a kick-off event for a wide ranging cooperation also on the educational level enabling young journalists to exchange ideas and develop strategies to defend the freedom of speech as well as the work for journalists especially during the times of global change.

Russia, which is often criticised by Western media, takes an initiative to counter allegations of being repressive towards journalists in it’s own territory and vows to promote free media and protect journalists by creating the association of free journalists on a global level.

The new world order seems to be coming along in a different shape as one may have thought at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, or in Washington. The new multi-polar world is likely to create also a new dynamism in reporting and publishing since the US monopolies of social media are going to be challenged by emerging continents and their citizens who are waking up in a new world order of diversity, also in terms of information and processing of independent news rather than the corporatism of the western world.      

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