Moneypox – an IQ-Test

mRNA – Injections contained traces of chimpanzee adenovirus which future PCR-Tests will detect

by Ralph T. Niemeyer, Editor-in-Chief

Bill Gates “predicted” monkey pox just 6 months ago. a potential biological weapon.

Bill Gates, the “master of vaccines,” has the gift of foresight. The new monkeypox epidemic, which has already hit gays in several countries, was announced by the billionaire 6 months ago.

Mr. Gates has “predicted” new pandemics and biological attacks with the smallpox virus. The Microsoft founder has called for the establishment of a global WHO task force — the Pandemic Task Force — to be endowed with tens of billions of dollars.

This is the only way to stop a new smallpox pandemic, Gates said in November 2021. Is monkey pox the pandemic that will put us back home?

Ironically, the FBI launched an investigation around the same time after vials of smallpox were found in a Merck lab in Pennsylvania.

And, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a biological- and nuclear war “thinktank” partner of the Munich Security Conference and the World Economic Forum which under Klaus Schwab is openly planning for a new world order in an aim to rescue the western world fraud-based capitalistic system by a “Great Reset” is standing by announcing that the future PCR-testing against the Monkey Pox pandemic will detect exactly the chimpanzee adenovirus traces that were injected into any person taking the mRNA gen-therapy against “Covid-19” in the past 18 months.

The plan of the NTI scientists that they drew up for the military strategists of NATO and the “Western Free Democracies” is as evil as simple: in order to reduce population one now turns again against the LGBTQ community by releasing the US-lab-designed viruses and in order to cover up that this was directed against this group alone, the mRNA-Injections which contained traces of the chimpanzee adenovirus.

It will make it easy for the WHO-pandemic regime to prove billions of infections in the ordinary population, but those who will die from it will be the LGBTQ community.

It seems that President Putin has made the right decision to escape from WHO rule by not buying into the story from the very beginning and not abiding to the new WHO pandemic treaty that will govern most of the “Western Free Democracies” for a long time if not forever.



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