Special Operation & Peace

By delivering arms to Ukraine, Germany has entered the war with Russia 3rd time in 100 years
By Ralph T. Niemeyer 

With the arms deliveries to the Ukraine, along the sharing of intelligence from German military AWACS air surveillance, the Federal Republic of Germany entered the war with Russia under international law and thus unilaterally broke the armistice of May 9, 1945. A peace treaty is thus a long way off. We must put an end to this madness by declaring ourselves sovereign to the Allies of the second world war and immediately negotiating a peace treaty. One ought to end World War II before one starts World War III!

In the meantime, while US president pushes the European NATO partners to cut ties with Russia, prohibiting Germany from using gas from the new Nordstream Two pipeline, the US itself is still doing business with Gazprom and Lukoil, even entertains six drilling projects in the Arctic circle. It seems, as always, when Germany and Russia get a bit closer to eachother, the US aims to shoot at the lock of the door where Germany has already one foot in.

Mr. Biden excused the continued massive oil imports from Russia as necessary since otherwise the fuel prices at US gas stations would skyrocket. Well, this hypocritical double standard is typical.

The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andrey Melnyk, who drew the nuclear card in one of his numerous interviews a year ago, said that in the event that Ukraine does not join NATO, Kyiv "may also consider nuclear status. How otherwise we can guarantee our defense?"

A few days ago he again questioned the Ukrainian renunciation of nuclear weapons in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung. "Those familiar with the Russian-Ukrainian situation [held their breath: How would Russia react to this renewed threat to its security?" However, Ukraine's "godfathers" did not call the whistle back on their thoughts. On the contrary: For years, Ukraine has received premium treatment from the military alliance and has already enshrined NATO membership in its constitution.

The Kiev leadership has shown brutal behavior against the people in the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, whose situation has recently become more and more precarious: Instead of implementing the Minsk Agreement and constitutional reform, the Ukrainian military has constantly attacked the Donetsk area. The result was more than 10,000 deaths. Ukraine continued to relentlessly persecute its fellow Russians.

The Russian Federation has legitimate security interests. But since the end of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the Soviet Union was never enough for the winners of the Cold War: more and more states that used to belong to the Soviet Union of States became members of NATO. NATO continued to encircle Russia militarily.

Speaking at this year's Munich Security Conference, Ukrainian President Zelensky said Ukraine has every right to become a nuclear power again, citing the so-called Budapest Memorandum signed by the world's leading powers in 1994. 

Previously, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kyiv agreed to return Soviet nuclear weapons to Russia in exchange for security guarantees. These days, Ukraine threatens to become a nuclear weapons site. The Ukrainian space agency has enough launchers to launch a nuclear attack on Russian territory. In connection with the fascist Bandera cult and rampant Russophobia, one sentence by Putin is particularly striking: "We (will) strive for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine." The justification for Russia's "special operation" in Ukraine is understandable. Russia wants to forestall nuclear blackmail. The invasion of the Ukraine by Russian troops is the ultima ratio of a country whose war experience is rooted in the German attack on the Soviet Union. Millions of victims led to one consequence: the Russian heirs to the great war will not tolerate an attack on the security of the country and its citizens. The Russian leadership obviously wanted to prevent nuclear blackmail and sees the invasion as a war against war.

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