Give Peace a Chance!

German government seems to have forgotten how it ended last two times
by Ralph T. Niemeyer

Our call for peace and the attempt to address it wisely through clear thinking if joint thinking is still welcome:
One country, let's call it Russia, has seen a military alliance marching towards it for 25 years. Coincidentally, this Russia is a country with war trauma still aching – invaded despite the non-aggression pact and plagued with unimaginable suffering. And this last war was by no means the first attempt by the West to absorb this Russia and its riches...
So Russia sees new disasters looming and is doing everything possible to diplomatically keep this approaching military alliance, let's call it NATO, away from it.

It offers alliances, it threatens, it formulates proposals. But NATO stays the course. Almost all neighboring countries are now members or candidates for membership in the beautiful military alliance. Governments that are pro-Russian are being couped with the help of the West. In the large neighboring country Ukraine, however, this is difficult. Russia intervened. Regions split off. One wants to belong to Russia immediately, two want to become autonomous and facing Russia. The West-oriented government in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, does not want to allow this international law, but instead elevates state law above international law – justifying eight years of war against the two people's republics. Meanwhile, NATO is driving more and more war material and troops to Russia's neighboring countries. And the more of it has turned up behind the Kiev government, the louder and more warlike it sounds from Kiev. It is also difficult that 1.5 million Russians live in the now anti-Russian Ukraine.

And now it gets interesting! Russia now has a choice: wait until 1.) Ukraine, conditioned by NATO, massively attacks and “reconquers”, as Kiev calls it, the two autonomous people's republics. 2.) Kiev tried the same thing with Crimea. But the greatest danger is actually that 3.) NATO will not stop at the last step: absorbing Ukraine. Maybe it was imminent and Russia knew or suspected it?! Then now would have been the last moment for Russia to counteract these three problems without triggering a world war directly against NATO or without waiting until it is triggered by an attack by NATO country Ukraine. And so it decides on a preventive strike to demilitarize Ukraine, without NATO already having an alliance obligation. I know it is completely unpopular to suggest that this was perhaps the only and last way to save Russia itself and all of us from a world war. I'll say it anyway and I hope that some of you will at least try to think it through in this way. It would mean that we would not send our outrage and all demands for peace to just one address! And that would help us to truly end the war in Ukraine and counteract the threat of its expansion.


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