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“pandemic” to be used for economic transformation & social control

By Ralph T. Niemeyer

Germany, as one of the worldwide leaders in covering the economic transformation from Neoliberalism to Corporatism by yet another artificially created “pandemic” state of emergency not only executes brutal foreign policy tools such as sanctions and embargos against states that are unwilling to keep pace with the neo-fascist transhumanism advocated by the Gates foundation and the World Economic Forum under the hash tag “Great Reset”, but also engages in segregation of “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” citizens, an Apartheid policy once used by the NAZIS against Jewish citizens in the German Reich.

Not only is it scientifically wrong to speak of “vaccination” in relation to the mRNA-experimental injection but it is also a matter of how effective the gen-therapy by the likes of Pfizer-Biontech, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are since even in an almost 100% “vaccinated” population of Southern Korea the mortality rate is rising rapidly, fueling suspicion that either the mRNA injection is ineffective or designed to eliminate citizens with medical pre-conditions in a drive to drastically reduce human population on the planet.

Even in Denmark, a state with high “vaccination” rate, 84% of the hospitalized patients are at least fully “vaccinated” or have even received the “booster” jab. Here is another deliberate misunderstanding being created, that of a possibility to “booster” one’s immune system by another refreshing injection but first of all the immune system becomes weaker immediately after each “vaccination” because the body needs to deal with it and thus becomes for some time more vulnerable to other diseases and secondly, the refreshment is obviously needed every three months now. The human immune system is still being most effectively “boostered” by walking or sport in nature, a healthy diet with natural minerals and vitamins as every general practitioner would suggest.

Now, what is going on in Germany, the country that despite it’s dark past is so rapidly giving up it’s moral and democratic post WW II principles such as human rights, freedom of speech, the Nuremberg Codex against forced medical treatment, resulting from “Third Reich” euthanasia and eugenic experiments in concentration camps`?

Today the Federal Statistical Office announced the new data for the 49th calendar week. As usual, the information on the Covid-19 deaths is missing for the 48th and 49th week. As before, the two values were extrapolated from the 4 previous values using a linear regression.
The dotted line shows the mean value of the mortality from 2016 to 2019.
It is noticeable that mortality rates increase in winter. However, this no longer corresponds so clearly to the circumstances, because around 23,000 flu deaths annually almost vanished completely. Influenza has been reduced to a few percent, the winter figures would have to be adjusted by a weekly value of roughly 700 deaths. As a consequence, this means that excess mortality would be significantly higher when adjusted for flu.

Sterblichkeit means mortality rate, √úbersterblichkeit additional fatalities over previous years
what is it that kills so many more people this year when it is definitely not Covic-19 ?!

According to the German government statistical office and the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) about a third of the extra fatalities are somewhat related to Covid-19. At the same time, another governmental institution, the Paul-Ehrlich – Institute (PEI) recorded an explosive increase in “vaccination side effects” which also the World Health Organization (WHO) previously noted.

Isn’t it the spike proteins produced by the body’s cells through the vaccinations that acutely and / or irreparably invisibly damage the blood vessels and heart and, in the medium term, lead to hundreds of thousands of deceased falsely labeled “natural” every year?

Meanwhile, a new variant, the so called OMICRON mutation is used by Mainstream Media to spread fear although in South Africa it has caused not much harm and seemed to have been discovered only after the South African government refused to buy more Pfizer-Biontech, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna “vaccine” doses.

For a few weeks already, first world governments in industrialized nations are eager to keep up the regime of fear and use the OMICRON mutant as an excuse for further travel bans, civil rights restrictions and lockdowns although the virus mutant has, as it always does with any virus variant, become weaker in it’s effectiveness while it spreads more aggressively what all medicine students learn in the first semester.

Why are there only mild gradients in London? And scary incidences? Take a look at the age group of the incidence drivers. In the UK the group of 15-39 year old people who usually survive Covid-19 asymptomatically without any problems are targeted by the virus as they are mixing more than the elderly population. Logic, ain’t it?

The City of London has a population of 9.22 million. 206 of them are in ventilation beds and 7 have sadly died by December 20th.
The number of cases correlates strangely with the boost, hardly any new admissions to the hospitals, only a slight increase in the 85+.

The obvious manipulation is food for thought. Anyone who does this presumably wants to hide the truth or a significant part of it.

And two more questions at the end: After the Federal Office for Vaccines and Biomedical Remedies recognized the once highly praised trick of mRNA “vaccines” with the spike proteins presented to the immune system as fatal, shouldn’t this “vaccination” strategy have been abandoned immediately? I mean yes, absolutely! Are as many people saved by mRNA “vaccination” as killed?

Across the world and also here in Germany, citizens question the intentions of their governments, rightly so.

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