Modern Revisionism

former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko

By Ralph T. Niemeyer

76 years after the end of WW II one can clearly notice a modern trend in revising the results of the Second World War and even a glorification of the Nazis and their accomplices in individual states of Europe and the post-Soviet space.

In particular, in Ukraine, the glorification of the Nazis and their accomplices during the Second World War is currently being carried out at the state level, there is a rapid legitimization of radical nationalists and their entry into the structures of state power.

For example, in the nationalist battalion “Azov”, which became part of the National Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, they openly talk about their adherence to the ideas of Nazism.

In addition, nationalists in Ukraine carry out their actions with impunity. For example, annually on January 1 (the birthday of the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists S. Bandera), on October 14 (the date of the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army), torchlight processions are held in a number of cities in the country.

In January 2019, S. Bandera’s birthday was celebrated at the state level.

The Ukrainian authorities continue to erect monuments and erect memorial signs in honor of the OUN-UPA militants.
In August 2019, a monument to the members of the OUN-UPA was erected in the Lviv region at the former Jewish cemetery; in March 2021, the Ternopil City Council named the stadium after R. Shukhevych, etc.

At the same time, nationalists and right-wing radicals annually disrupt events to celebrate Victory Day and other memorable dates, dismantle monuments to the victorious soldiers.

The authorities, as a rule, do not suppress illegal actions of nationalists.

Before our eyes, a neo-fascist regime is being established in Ukraine: strict censorship is introduced, the Communist Party of Ukraine is prohibited by law, anti-fascists are repressed, the nationalist ideology of racial superiority of the Ukrainian ethnos is being introduced, calls for the murder of people of other views and nationalities are openly voiced: “kill a communist”, “kill a Muscovite “.

In this regard, it is necessary to impart publicity to the prosperity in Ukraine of the ideology of Nazism.

Celebrating Victory Day is the very moment when all the countries of Europe and the world unite in order to prevent a new war, extinguish outbreaks of the Nazi infection.

Germany has experienced and is still experiencing the negative consequences of the Nazi ideology of the state.

Are there any analogies between what is happening now in Ukraine and in Germany before World War II?
How should Germany react to the development of Ukrainian Nazism?

Does the silence and connivance of the current German government threaten the security of Germany and Europe?

Should Germany condemn what is happening in Ukraine, for example, impose sanctions against Ukraine and personally against the main ideologues of Ukrainian Nazism?

Are the events in Crimea and Donetsk an adequate reaction of the population to the Nazi anti-Russian policy of the ruling regime in Kiev?

How should Russia react to the Ukrainian fascist actions, which paid the most for the victory over fascism?

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