by Ralph T. Niemeyer

It is necessary to look at history, as today the German Federal Government and the 16 minister-presidents of the federal states take the final step:
After 1945, as a result of the Nuremberg military court rulings after the Second World War, the most important findings were adopted as a worldwide standard.
The Nuremberg war crimes tribunal’s ruling set 10 standards that doctors must adhere to when conducting experiments on humans, in a new code that is now accepted worldwide.

This ruling established a new standard for ethical medical conduct in the post-World War II era of human rights. Among other requirements, this document sets out the requirement for the subject’s voluntary, informed consent. The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of individuals to determine their own body. At present, the immunizing compulsion by de facto mandatory vaccination is being carried through the back door and the obligation to wear masks continues. Both have been shown to endanger physical integrity.

From the document:

  1. Voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely necessary. This means that the data subject should be legally able to give his or her consent; it should be in a situation in which it is able to make a free choice without any element of violence, fraud, deception, coercion, pre-natal or any other form of coercion or coercion; and it should have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the elements of the subject-matter in question to be able to take an informed and enlightened decision.
  2. The experiment should be carried out in such a way as to avoid all unnecessary physical and psychological suffering and injury.
  3. The level of risk to be taken should never be greater than the benefits of the experiment.
  4. During the course of the experiment, the responsible scientist shall be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage if, to the best of his knowledge and conscientious discretion, he has reason to believe that a continuation of the experiment would likely result in injury, disability or death of the subject.

And now compare this to the vaccinations that are becoming de facto mandatory and the mask compulsion that has already been imposed on us. Who are the Nazis here?!
All the people who now demand that we get vaccinated or wear masks can now be called NAZIS. One day we might see again military tribunals like back then in Nuremberg who will judge those who anyone who prescribed vaccines in the biggest genetical experiment in world history.

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