Splendid Isolation 2.0

Geo-politically the mutated Covid-19 hoax plays perfectly in hands of EU

By Ralph T. Niemeyer, a conspiracy theorist par excellence

Now, if there has been any doubt that the German EU knew how to deal with Boris Johnson, here we go.

The vaccine developed by Biontech in Tübingen, Germany and marketed by the US-American Pfizer group probably caused the mutation that is now taken as a reason for sealing off Great-Britain.

By closing all transport routes to and from the UK, the most severe shutdown ever will hit Britons terribly as if they were at war.

Problematic is the fact that under Prime Minister Thatcher the British industrial base has been shifted to East Asia and China while under Anthony Blair the IT business was relocated into India.

Today, more than Two Thirds of British GNP is resulting more or less directly from “The City” where fortune wheels are generating superfluous virtual reality money that would cause hyper inflation if these bubbles would burst again like in 2008. Moreover, the de-industrialisation wave that swept through the UK for decades left the Nation being totally dependent on the EU. Merely 1% of British GDP is resulting from agricultural business, so who is going to feed Britons now?

Has it been an evil plan to increase pressure on Prime Minister Johnson by letting a virus mutate by the vaccination distributed in Great Britain?

And, what if the Brits ever found out, would they bomb us again?! Oh, let`s better not go there, otherwise we have to discuss Wembley again….

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