Germany criminalises Opposition

A confidential internal document leaked from the German federal police reveals infiltration of opposition

By Ralph T. Niemeyer

Germany can look back on a long tradition of infiltration and subversion when it comes to strategies of undermining and discrediting oppositional groups or parties. The use of so called “Agent Provocateurs”, undercover police or secret service agents is a common method and has become public many times before, i.e. during the G20 protest in Hamburg where so called “Antifa” groups that often initiate violence among otherwise peaceful protests were filmed how their alleged participants threw stones and Molotov cocktails at riot police troops thus provoking a crack down by water canons and tear gas. Some of the rioters got filmed how they changed the “Antifa” – outfit and rejoined their policing colleagues minutes later.

Presently, more subversion and infiltration by secret services and the so called German “bureau for protecting the constitution” can be witnessed as the pro-democracy movement “Querdenken” (Thinking outside of the Box) for more than half a year already is drawing hundreds of thousands of quite diverse protesters from left and right wing demanding civil liberties and human rights that the German government restricted under the auspices of the so called “Covid-19 – pandemic” that miraculously coincides with a global depression, be restored.

An internal document leaked from the German Federal Police reveals how the state authorities try to brand the new democracy movement as fascist-driven and a pool full of conspiracy theorists mixed with radical opponents of vaccination. The vast majority of protesters instead are not Neo-Nazis or even right wing and absolutely peaceful. Only when so called “Antifa” activists are showing up to provoke violent clashes, the climate changes.

It becomes clear from the document leaked by a civil servant from the German police that the strategy will be to brand any criticism of the current civil rights restrictions in conjunction with the Covid-19 – legislation of Chancellor Angela Merkel as “anti-semitism”, denying the Holocaust, which under German criminal code is a punishable offence, and by this discredit the otherwise absolutely peaceful and democratic movement.

State authorities and German mainstream media were found cooperating at the biggest ever demonstration in German history on 29th August 2020 in Berlin where more than 1.2 million gathered peacefully while a group of 68 paid Agent Provocateurs dressed and staged as a group of fascists protested in front of the miraculously unprotected Reichstag building, seat of the German Bundestag, which a few of them managed to approach by taking the stairs waving the old banner of the German Reich.

The images were later used by mainstream media to illustrate that more than a million people were misled. “Querdenken” founder Michael Ballweg, a liberal German entrepreneur based in Stuttgart, always maintained that his movement was not inviting fascists or ultra-right wing people and never granted such a platform but of course, Mr. Ballweg says, they are not issuing or selling tickets to the pro-democracy happenings and thus logically can`t control who is attending and applauding.

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