Covid 19 Hoax

Again, Germany is trying to lead the world out of a crisis of capitalism

By Ralph T. Niemeyer

After 9 months of evaluation of the German government`s own DIVI statistics (as of December 9, 2020) one may conclude that in real terms there is no such thing as a pandemic: of 83 million German citizens, 1,218,524 tested positive using around 30 million tests which equals 1.47% of the population of Germany a total of 4.06% of the tests carried out proved positive.

Of 1,218,524 who tested positive, 902,100 are free of suspicion to be infected and are classified as “healthy” or “recovered” meaning they do not pose a threat to society nor do they occupy capacity in hospitals (but nevertheless are not deducted from the cumulative “case numbers”).

Of the remaining 296,500 “cases” designated as “infected”, only 40,634 have had to be hospitalized to date. In relation to the population of Germany, this is 0.049%.

Of these 40,634 patients undergoing treatment, 8,705 patients died of / with Covid 19. That is 0.0105% of the total population, and by neglecting all statistical and scientific principles this number is also not deducted from the added “case numbers”. Today, 4,278 patients are still being treated.

A total of 255,866 could be classified as cured again, but are not deducted from the cumulative “case numbers” either.

If the information in the German mainstream media were calculated correctly (only the 4 basic arithmetic operations), there would currently only be 40,634 active – positive patients in Germany. That means: The measurable and countable damage to health is the 8,705 people who died from Covid 19 equals 0.0105% of the population and 4,278 in treatment equal 0.0052% of the population. A PANDEMIC is something different!

But, the underlying mathematical model used worldwide is based on false assumptions. A German student, Patrick Schönherr is studying mathematics and physics in the eighth semester and explains that his calculation was also easy for non-mathematicians to understand, because the mathematical basics were “material of the seventh grade”. It was crucial not only to determine the number of people tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. The total number of tests must also be taken into account and the figures should be standardised accordingly. So you have to calculate how high the incidence would be if you were testing everywhere the same time.

In his calculations, Mr. Schönherr had first determined the test quotas in the distcrict “Berchtesgadener Land” south of Munich, Bavaria, and nationwide. Since the beginning of the year, 1.52 percent of the population in Germany has been tested, but in the Berchtesgadener Land district it was 2.85 percent. In the last week of February, the difference was even more serious: while 1.42 percent of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany was tested, in the Bavarian district it was 5.8 percent.

Afterwards, the student had looked at the respective proportion of positive tests and calculated how high the incidence would be if the same proportion of people – for example, 1.5 percent of the population – were tested everywhere. For the Berchtesgadener Land district, the consequences would be dramatic, because the incidence last week would not be 89, but 29, well below the red tape of 50 which are causing mandatory shutdowns, according to this calculation. The situation would therefore be “significantly better than the German average”.

Normally, according to Patrick Schönherr, opening steps would be the next logical consequence. If the test rate or the calculation of the incidence does not change, however, the county Berchtesgadener Land is not expected to be below an incidence of 50 in the near future. The student also explained that there are some problems with the calculation, because he uses the data of the national Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for the nationwide data on the test numbers and the positive rate. However, the authority itself points out that ‘the collection is based on the voluntary notification of the laboratories’. According to the RKI, multiple tests of individuals can also be present in the figures.

In addition, there are other sources of error, such as commuters from Austrian city of Salzburg or Traunstein, which can be tested in the Berchtesgadener Land district`s facilities and are included in the statistics. Negative tests in companies are also not included in the test figures. In addition, Mr. Schönherr believes that there are more and more negative results through rapid tests that are not included in the statistics. The test strategy must also be taken into account: if you test more people with symptoms, this leads to a higher positive rate.

In fact, more people die in Germany resulting the abuse of medicine, alcohol and cigarettes or by germs and bacteria related diseases in hospitals. All this although, German chancellor Angela Merkel today told parliamentarians in the German Bundestag that 590 people died every day of Covid 19, which even if it was true and the usual seasonal influenza fatalities had miraculously vanished, was less than the 630 deaths per day linked to cancer resulting from smoking which hasn`t even caused a debate to ban it completely.

Nevertheless, the German government is ordering yet another harsh lockdown throwing the economic and social existence of many millions of citizens in jeopardy.

On top of that, the German government is leading the world into a dangerous vaccination regime with completely unscientific assumptions of the German Biontech vaccine to be effective and safe although there haven`t been any serious scientific studies been conducted so far.

Coronaviruses, like influenza viruses, are covered RNA viruses. There are 2 types of viruses: DNA and RNA viruses. DNA viruses such as hepatitis viruses, rhinoviruses, etc. are persistent and can survive in body cells for a long time.

RNA viruses such as influenza and coronaviruses replicate in the cytoplasm and constantly change their genetic structure to survive. That is why these viruses have little or no chance of producing a vaccine, because they are constantly changing during replication.

Covid-19 is a shrouded RNA virus that can very easily be destroyed by alcohols (such as essential oils) and soaps. This virus has two shells, a capsid that envelops the RNA and consists of amino acid chains, and an outer viral shell made up of a double fat layer that contains more or less of proteins – so-called spikes.

If there are many spikes like a hedgehog, then this looks like a crown in the electron scanning microscope – that’s why it is called Corona.
Since replication (doubling of the RNA) repeatedly mistakes happen that cannot be repaired, so the spikes change again and again. That’s why they’re not always easily recognizable to the 100 million antibodies we have in our immune system. New viruses must therefore be investigated again and again and against their antigens – that is the name of the spikes against the immune system – are re-formed.

That is why it is impossible to ever produce a vaccine against RNA viruses.
Evil tongues might say that this gigantic human experiment aims to “inject” the elderly and the sick away to relieve both the health system and the strained pension funds.

It is only 75 years ago that Germany had to stop all it eugenics science programs, but has it ever given it up?

Sources: German government institute Robert Koch

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