Germany, 107 years on….

While any protest against the governments in Minsk, Moscow, Tehran or Hong Kong is glorified as a struggle for civil and human rights (even if right-wing radicals or ultranationalists or separatists, as in Hong Kong, participate, protests are defamed by ordinary people of the center as right-wing radicals and conspiracy theory – even if the organizers repeatedly distance themselves from right-wing radicals.

It is simply a matter of demonising the protest against the Merkel – regime from the outset, unlike the protest against Lukashenko or Putin, and thus intellectually isolating it.

Now the mass protest, which captured tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in various cities nationwide, is escalating into a civil war-like scenario including mass arrests of dozens or even hundreds of critics of the regime in Berlin.

The adoption of the new “Infection Protection Act” is seen by many critical and cross-thinking citizens as a new empowerment law, which at the time paved the way for Hitler’s parliamentary mandate to power – after years of emergency legislation in Weimar by liberal and conservative parties around 1930.

The use of water cannons at this time of year borders on body injury.

After the UN warned for some time to use the Covid-19 – laws to level dictatorial means and systematically dismantle human rights, this law paves the way for the practice of regulations and decrees without parliamentary participation as in a dictatorship. A temporary limit on the emergency laws is undermined by the possibility of an extension at any time.

The last time that such far reaching laws were passed in such a rush in Germany was in 1933 when Adolf Hitler assumed power by means of a law of empowerment, of which today`s legislation only falls short in a minimal way.

The new gene vaccine from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Biontech is expected to be approved in the US as early as next week. They want to start vaccinating immediately. Let me put it this way: You don’t have to look long to find out that a) Biontech has never gotten anything on the line and b) Pfizer is an unscrupulous company that likes to kill for profit. In the 1990s, a secret drug trial killed several Nigerian children and caused even more serious harm.

In the early 2000s, the company distributed drugs with knowledge of severe, sometimes fatal side effects, including one that was supposed to work against hyperactivity in children. U.S. authorities were involved in the scandal, who had approved the drug far too quickly. The Astra Zeneca group is also researching a Corona vaccine – and look: this dirty company also started years ago with an ineffective lung cancer drug.

“Dear Citizens, you reach the Covid19 – facility via Street of the Victims of Fascism

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