Democrat`s Revenge for 2000

Reporters and Commentators suggest one has to wait weeks, well, why not 4 years?!

by Ralph T. Niemeyer

As expected, the fraud takes place in the so-called swing states, which are decisive for the election victory on the one hand and are governed on the other hand by left-wing governors:

North Carolina – Democrat Gov.
Pennsylvania – Democrat Gov.
Wisconsin – Democrat Gov.
Michigan – Democrat Gov.
Nevada – Democrat Gov.
Georgia – *RINO Gov

*RINO means Republican In Name Only and denotes Republicans who are not real. (see Wikipedia)

A scam with an announcement:

It’s exactly what Trump has been announcing for weeks. The strategy is so trivial that many simply overlook the scam. In those states that are crucial to winning the election, the counting abruptly aborted in the middle of election night, when Donald Trump was clearly in the lead. Shortly after, Joe Biden said goodbye, announcing that he would turn the tables, and a little later, Trump declared himself the winner of the election. What happened after that can hardly be surpassed in audacity:

In the early hours of November 4, Biden suddenly made impossible leaps in the swing states, where Trump was ahead by several percent. A stark example is the state of Michigan, where Biden suddenly wins 100 percent of the vote.

In Wisconsin, the fraud was so obvious that even the CNN host, Chris Cuomo, couldn’t hide his disbelief when suddenly more than 100,000 ballots fell out of place in favor of Joe Biden.

Here is the moment, when even the CNN colleagues could not hide their amazement.

Another example is the extremely important state of Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), where Trump leads by about 500,000 votes. At times it was even over 700,000! Then the counting stopped for about 12 hours. Why?

That is the strategy of the Deep State. In the swing states where Trump leads, the counts were canceled almost simultaneously, only to cast the necessary votes hours later so that Biden could turn the tables.

The comparison between Pennsylvania and Arizona is also interesting. Arizona was incomprehensibly credited to Biden early, and Pennsylvania remains open, even though Trump’s lead there is larger and more votes have been counted in percentage terms.

Rumor has it that the Trump Administration had prepared for this by introducing invisible watermarks on the ballot papers and now will use the National Guards that have been deployed ahead of the elections in 12 states separate the legitimate from the false ballots by infrared resolution.

One is used to votes being counted by the military in countries such as Zimbabwe or Belorussia but in the U.S.?!

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