by Ralph T. Niemeyer 

The candidate of the party establishment, Joe Biden, according to the informal censuses, however, ended up in fourth place. According to the New York Times – which described the Iowa scandal as a “hopeless fiasco” – the Bidens campaign team spoke of “significant errors” in collecting the data, all of which must be carefully examined before the results are released.

In fact, the delay in announcing election results has tangible electoral consequences. The winner of the Iowa area code was thus denied “due momentum and recognition,” while the losers can minimize the damage of the defeat, the newspaper noted.

Specifically, the delay means that Iwoa’s likely big loser, Joe Biden, can limit the fallout of his defeat. If Sanders hates hatred in neoliberal party circles, he cannot take the momentum of victory into the campaigns of the coming days, such as in New Hampshire.

The delays harm the winner.
The late publication of the election results diminishes their political utility for the winner, as Iowa will soon be overwhelmed by events such as Trump’s “State of the Union” speech on Tuesday and the vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the primaries in New Hampshire are already in the hot phase. Soon Iowa’s victory is simply forgotten. The delays are damaging to the Iowa winner by taking away the momentum that would continue to have an impact in the upcoming election campaigns.

The Iowa scandal has also brought criticism to the organization of the Democratic pre-election campaign. The makers of the smartphone application, which activists blamed for the breakdown in data transmission, are involved in the political process of the Democratic Party. They are actors in the election campaign – and not a third, independent party.

Pete Buttigieg, who is said to have performed surprisingly well in Iowa, donated tens of thousands of dollars to the company that produced the faulty web application.

The Los Angeles Times once again reported that Clinton campaign veterans, who are among the party’s biggest internal opponents of socialist candidate Sanders, are leading the technology company that developed the faulty voting software.

A company founded by the neoliberal Clinton wing of the party has built a web app for recording the election results of the primaries, which, according to a number of reports on site, appears to be working incorrectly when the left-wing candidate hated in these party circles goes into the race as a favorite.

Also in the 2016 Clinton-campaign a link between the Wall Street oligarch George Soros and the provider of the voting machines Smartech that allegedly were used to manipulate the elections in Mrs. Clinton’s favour as recounts in Detroit, Michigan, revealed, seems probable today as well as Soros’ openly supports Mr. Biden.

It is pretty clear that Mr. Sanders onve again will not be allowed to become the challenger to Mr. Trump although he would probably be the only one who could have stopped him in 2016 and nowadays.  But, what will the Democrats do, have they really given up on defeating Trump or will they use Biden as a seatholder until the convention for Michelle Obama?

In addition, all questions in this regard are now being dismissed by the democratic party mainstream as conspiracy propaganda, which should remind Trump voters.

Incidentally, the party members responsible for the transmission of the votes in the polling stations received the application only a few hours before their deployment, so they had no time to familiarize themselves with it or to test it thoroughly at all.

The Iowa scandal not only takes the wind out of the sails of the winner, it also motivates many young activists and voters who are currently involved in the political process – and who are also among Bernie Sanders’ most important supporters.

Memories are thus brought back to the scandals in the 2016 primaries when the neoliberal group around Hillary Clinton unfairly knocked Sanders out of the field.

Iowa also appears to be an expression of the growing panic of the United States’ elites, who are taking ever more drastic measures to prevent a socialist president in the United States – even if the world’s oldest democracy turns into an oligarchic banana republic.

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