Ukraine – a disaster for US-Democrats

Biden’s son’s only qualification was to be son


by Richard Stahl

In Ukraine on Monday there was a big bang in the so-called “Ukraine scandal”, which the mainstream media worldwide refers to as impeachment against US President Trump. A Ukrainian MP has submitted documents and bank statements that, according to him, prove corruption of the Bidens and Ukraine’s interference in the US elections of 2016 once again.

I have already reported on the so-called “Ukraine scandal” in detail, which is presented in the German media as a scandal by Trump, although it is obviously a corruption scandal of the Bidens and the US Democrats, the details can be found here.

Already on 9 October the Ukrainian deputy Andrei Derkach has come before the press and has presented documents proving the allegations. But nothing has happened since. The Western mainstream press continues to claim that Trump’s allegations against Biden have no evidence. That is objectively untrue. The “quality media” consistently withhold their information from their readers. If it were all fakes, they could mention that and refute the documents. Instead, they are simply kept secret.

On Monday, Derkatsch went public again, this time posting a video on Facebook and YouTube, in which he presented further documents and also published correspondence with the new Ukrainian Attorney General, which was given after he retired his documents submitted to the press conference a month ago.

It all sounds like a third-rate political thriller and is so crazy you would not believe it. So this time, I decided not to write about his statements, but to literally translate his 16-minute statement. All the documents he cites are displayed in the video.


Here the video, translation below:




A month ago, I gave a press conference and released facts according to which the NABU leadership secretly and personally provides information about deputies and heads of other law enforcement agencies, according to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau the US Embassy has passed.

In addition, data on criminal proceedings for international corruption involving the highest levels of Ukraine and the United States were shared.

From the official official correspondence between NABU and the US Embassy, ​​it appears that:

First, NABU is completely under the control of individual politically-implicated US diplomatic mission representatives
Secondly, law enforcement officers and senior state officials of Ukraine have interfered in the US election in 2016
Third, some US officials urged Ukraine not to investigate the Burisma case. Burmese is the Ukrainian gas company, in which the son of the then US Vice President in May 2014, immediately after the Maidan, has received a highly paid board position, although he had no qualifications or experience, except for the fact To be the son of the US Vice President)

In addition to Ukrainian media, this information has also been published by many European and American media. They can also be found on my Facebook page.

Why did I publish these documents? We see in what high-profile, international scandal Ukraine got into:

The investigation against Trump’s campaign chief Paul Manafort, his resignation and his conviction. Manfred Trump’s then campaign manager Manafort had to resign in the 2016 election campaign for alleged ties to Russia – see alleged “Russiagate” – later the investigation revealed that there were no ties to Russia, but it was about money, the he got from Ukraine for consultancy services and did not tax in the US This information came from Ukraine to the Clinton campaign staff and then to the media, and Manafort was later convicted of tax evasion.)
The conversation between Selensky and Trump on corruption investigations, including Burisma, which could lead to Trump’s impeachment today.
Possible corruption by former US Vice President Joe Biden and Burisma.
In each of these stories, the instigators of the scandals are Ukrainian officials. Each of these stories has a negative impact on the international status of our country. We are already toxic to many partners and soon we will not even shake hands. Personally, I do not want such a future for my country. Therefore, we need to restore the trust between strategic partners Ukraine and USA.

With this aim in mind, I have handed the following documents to the Prosecutor General’s Office:

Who stole something from someone?
Who has put pressure on who?
Who has extorted whom with what?

All these correspondence and leaks I handed over to the Prosecutor General’s Office, so that the law enforcement authorities in a transparent and public investigation bring everything to light.

In his telephone conversation with Trump, President of Ukraine Vladimir Selensky assured the President of the United States this summer: “Since we have won an absolute majority in our parliament, the next Attorney-General will be 100% my person, my candidate, which is approved by Parliament and will act as new prosecutor in September. He will deal with the situation, especially with the company you mentioned in this matter. “Selensky said on July 25 in his telephone conversation with Trump.

What has the Attorney General meanwhile done? A few days ago, Attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka gave an interview. In it he stated that there is no criminal case against Burisma.

Let me remind you that the activities of the Ukrainian company Burisma and its owner Nikolai Slotschevsky, former Ukrainian Minister of Environment and Mineral Resources in the time of Viktor Yanukovich, have provoked an international corruption scandal in the United States.

Why? Because 11 criminal cases show that former US Vice President Joe Biden and his son Robert Hunter Biden are involved in the scandal.

Thus, according to Ukrainian investigators and documents of the case, Joe Biden received more than $ 900,000. His son Hunter and his partners received more than $ 16.5 million from Burisma for consultancy. And it is precisely this information about the ongoing investigation that has stabbed NABU to the US embassy.

But Attorney General Ryaboshapka said in the interview: “There is no case against Burisma.

It only exists in the brain of the person who invented it. ”

That’s not true. It exists in the documents bearing Ryaboshapka’s signature, which he has done after becoming the Attorney General.

I recall that all the facts about the leak from NABU to the US embassy are secret information, the disclosure of which is treason and international corruption, as I published on 9 October and handed over the same day to the Attorney General.

And do you know what the Prosecutor General’s Office has officially answered? That all these facts have been examined in detail by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the context of the procedure number 2952 for a long time. Namely, I quote: “As facts about the illegal collection of intelligence data in the socio-political, economic and other fields, as information that is state secrets, information of compromising nature on government representatives for the purpose of their transmission to the intelligence services of foreign countries. ”

If we translate that into a normal language, the Attorney General confirms that my information published on 9 October is genuine.

“Yes!”, Says Ryaboshapka, “the NABU eradicated it.” And: “Yes!”, He says, “The facts about Burisma, the Biden, the international corruption and other facts that Derkatsch presented at his press conference and about which the whole world has reported, have already been investigated. ”

And what did the investigation reveal? I quote from his reply to me: “As a result of the preliminary investigation, the investigators decided on September 2, 2019, to close the criminal proceedings, because there is no criminal offense. Therefore, there is no reason to use the information in your appeal for further preliminary investigation. “Signature:” Ryaboshapka ”

That said, the investigation found nothing wrong. “We see no evidence of a crime.” And that’s why the case was dropped.

This is a very important explanation. With this answer Ryaboshapka confirmed the accuracy of the information I have published on international corruption and treason, but found no evidence of crime in it.

But do you know why the Prosecutor General’s Office found no evidence of a crime? Because the criminal case was closed on the first day of work of the new Attorney General Ryaboshapka.

On Friday, August 30, President Selensky signed the decree, which appointed Ruslan Ryaboshapka Attorney General. On Saturday and Sunday Ryaboshapka celebrated extensively. And on September 2, his first day of work, he went to the office and has set as the first official act the scandalous criminal proceedings.

But even if Ryaboshapka closed the case, his deputy Nazar Cholodnitsky saw evidence of a crime and started an investigation into my records.

You just saw Rjaboshapka’s letter, here is Cholodnitsky’s letter.

The first acted quickly, the second acted under the law.

In support of the investigation, today I will publish new facts about international corruption. These documents have handed me, as well as the previous, investigative journalists.

These are official statements from Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is one of the largest banks in the United States. These bank statements show the movement of funds over the course of one and a half years, from May 2014 to October 2015. These are accounts owned by Rosemont Seneka, owned by Devon Archer.

Devon Archer is a business partner of Robert Hunter Biden, son of former US Vice President Joe Biden. Here, in the photo, they are all visible. Far left is Archer, right father and son Biden.

Like Biden Junior, Archer also served on the Board of the Ukrainian oil and gas group Burisma and also headed Rosemont Seneca. What is Rosemont Seneca, the company of Archer? This is a buffer between Slotschevsky’s Burisma and Biden. Through this buffer finance company, Robert Hunter Biden received money from Slotschevsky’s Burisma.

These documents show the cash receipts of Burisma at Rosemont Seneca, and also the remittances from there to Joe Biden’s son. For what type of activity Biden has received money from the buffer company, is not apparent. There are no contracts on the basis of which Robert Hunter Biden has received these funds.

Burisma has transferred a total of $ 4,871,000 to Rosemont from May 2014 through October 2015, and Rosemont has transferred $ 871,000 to Biden’s accounts. And I stress that’s only for a year and a half. How much money did Biden receive during the four years?

In total, according to the report of the Latvian Financial Supervisory Authority, Burisma has transferred at least $ 16.5 million to two offshore buffer companies, and to Robert Hunter Biden and its partners. Even then, the Latvian financial regulator provided information that Robert Hunter Biden could be involved in corruption, the Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office and the state financial regulator of Ukraine.

So why did not Ukrainian law enforcement authorities act? What did you do with all this information?

At that time, Prosecutor General Viktor Schokin of the NABU demanded to initiate investigations into international corruption, notably because of the activities of Burisma and Slotschevsky. As part of the criminal case against Burisma, he repeatedly turned to the NABU director Sytnik, but received in answer only form letters. Let’s take a look at this bureaucratic “firefight”:

Schokin to Sytnik: Take a look at the Burisma case.
Sytnik to Schokin: The files have arrived, but we can not start the investigation yet, there are bureaucratic obstacles.
Schokin to Sytnik: NABU ignores the investigation. This happens, although in most cases the limitation period expires soon.

This means the cases are acidifying and nobody will be able to prove international corruption. And NABU slows down the investigation.

Schokin does not know that while he is being held off, NABU First Deputy Director Gizo Uglav will have the US Embassy put the documents through his assistant Polina Tschisch. Schokin does not even know that instead of investigating Burisma, NABU illegally collects personal information from Schokin and his family.

Why was NABU in such a hurry to stifle the investigations against Burisma, Slotschevsky and Biden, and for whom did NABU collect personal information about Schokin?

The reason is the timing: when Nuku’s Schokin demanded to investigate international corruption, US Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Ukraine. And Biden’s $ 1 billion in US loan guarantees were pledged to Ukraine.

Biden was so keen to stall the criminal lawsuits that he described Schokin as a “son of a bitch” in an appearance before the Council on Foreing Relations in January 2018 and told him how he got Schokins notice.

Joe Biden needed to know that in Ukraine there is a criminal case against Burisma, in which his son played a role. He had to know that the US embassy had put NABU under pressure and that NABU leaked information about the state of the investigation. It was not for nothing that he was so angry about Schokin, who bombarded NABU with demands for investigation.

Joe Biden was faced with the choice:

He told his son that he had to leave the dubious company involved in 11 criminal cases in Ukraine and other countries.
Or he could allow his son to continue to receive his $ 16.5 million share of Burisma through Rosemont Seneca.
What did Biden do? Judging by the statements of Morgan Stanley, Biden clearly did not opt ​​for the first option.

What does all this mean for Ukraine?

The total amount of unpaid Burisma tax losses amounts to nearly one billion hryvnia. In addition, according to Ukrainian investigative journalists, as well as according to documents of the Prosecutor General’s Office, in a transaction related to the acquisition of assets were deceived 700 million hryvnia in a refinancing operation.

Today, it is our job to stop international corruption and return funds to the state budget.

And the Ukrainian Attorney General, like any other person, should not care whose relatives are on the board of a company suspected of money laundering from the budget of Ukraine.

But what did Ryaboshapka do? On his first day at work, he stopped the investigation, at the same time confirming the accuracy of all information I have posted.

If there is no crime, this means that any authority in Ukraine can hand over classified information to other states without evidence of a crime.

What’s more, the assistant to Gizo Uglav, Polina Tschisch, who, according to investigative journalists, himself stabbed the Burisma case to the US embassy, ​​received the post of head of the International Division of the Prosecutor General’s Office. According to investigative journalists, she was appointed by the Burisma case figures to continue to steal information and sabotage international prosecutorial cooperation with the US Department of Justice and other countries.

How is this compatible with the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine and where is the protection of the sovereignty of the country? No idea.

What will Ryaboshapka do now if I give him this document with the cash flows between Biden and Burisma already available to the Prosecutor General’s Office?

In the light of the so-called prosecution certification and reorganization, there is serious concern that the same persons who have obstructed the investigation will continue to influence the criminal proceedings. In recent weeks, there has been a veritable wave of clean-up in the Ukrainian public prosecutor’s office in Ukraine, where every officer had to undergo a technical and lie detector test and pass if he wanted to keep his job)

But I will help Mr. Ryaboshapka to make the right choice.

I hand over all the documents I have to the Prosecutor General’s Office and demand that the facts of the illegal transfer of information to the US Embassy be examined by Chish and Uglav in order to remove them from office. I also ask the Prosecutor General’s Office to hand over the documents to the US Department of Justice in accordance with the Agreement on International Legal Cooperation.

Dear Attorney General, act according to the law, not the recommendations and suggestions of their so-called curators!

Any further contempt of international corruption by the Attorney General’s Office and any further inaction in submitting the documents you have to the US Department of Justice will lead to complaints from investigative journalists, experts and MPs. The Attorney General now has all the documents to save the situation and protect her face.

Mr Ryaboshapka, you do not know what to do? Follow the law.



End of translation







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