AFRIXT: Russia and Africa to enter new era in Sochi

Is Russia helping Africa put neo-colonialism behind?

By Ralph T. Niemeyer, Sochi

The Russian government had for some time already played a distinctive different role when approaching trade deals. A lot of attention will be focused on President Putin’s opening remarks which are expected to lay the groundwork for the future cooperation.

After BREXIT, AFRIXT may be the next challenge the EU is facing.

Especially since the UN development program (UNDP) released it’s report on migration suggesting that most African refugees trying to settle in Europe are mostly skilled and modestly wealthy but disenfranchised citizens of their respective countries the question would be what could be done in terms of a fairer distribution of the wealth from resources along with more sustainable development and by this stop the dreadful ‘brain – drain’.

The approach of the Russian government may open a new era for Africa and also deal with the question of migration in a more realistic way than what the EU so far has accomplished being left to count the dead bodies washing up at their shores from drowned hopefuls of Africa.

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