King Kong in Hong Kong

by Ralph T.  Niemeyer 

Like in Russia where the US actively supports the neo fascist Navalny and “Pussy Riot” -movements, a Hong Kong separatist activist who plays an active role in the anti-China protests was photographed and caught in a meeting with a senior US consulate official. Beijing demands Washington to stay out of China’s internal affairs.

Joshua Wong Chi-fung, the secretary-general of Democrat-friendly Demosisto, told the Hong Kong  Standard that his recent meeting with Julie Eadeh, a senior political officer at the US Consulate General in Hong Kong, was nothing to worry about.

His meeting, caught by a camera, was noticed by the media in Beijing. Wong said to the Hong Kong standard:

“I’ve even been to Washington several times, so what’s so special about meeting a US Consul?”
He claimed that the conversation with the US official was focused on the Hong Kong  Human Rights and Democracy Act – a bill that was, however, proposed in the US Congress by a foreign world power and a stake in “securing democracy” in Hong Kong calls.”

When a US State Department spokesman was asked by the AFP for an opinion, he evasively suggested that US officials “regularly meet with a broad cross section of people in Hong Kong  and Macao.”

On Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed “strong dissatisfaction” over media reports claiming that a senior US Consulate official had met a Hong Kong separatist group.

In a statement, the Chinese Ministry urged Washington to “immediately make a clean break with various anti-China insurgents” and “stop interfering with Hong Kong affairs.”

#FoxNews makes fun of #China claiming protests #HongKong are #USA funded. To refute this, a Senior Fellow @HudsonInstitute is interviewed. But he explains openly: Yes, we are financing the local democracy movement with $ 1 million. China is right. …

The protests continue to rock the situation in Hong Kong, weeks after the outbreak of demonstrations against a suspended extradition law that would have allowed Beijing to gain access to criminals hiding in Hong Kong and bring them to justice in mainland China.

A video circulating on Twitter on Wednesday featured a demonstrator in Hong Kong waving a US flag while his comrades hurled projectiles at a police station.

For western free media, protests in Russia, Venezuela and China are ‘democratic’ and should lead to the demise of the government, while the yellow vests protests are branded as undemocratic.

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