Cat and 2 guinea pigs die

Any kind of evidence ought to be examined

by Ralph T. Niemeyer

First fatalities in Skripal-case. A cat and two guinea pigs died. How did the British police’s forensic team investigate the crime scene one may wonder overseeing a cat?! What else did they miss?!

It turned out that the domestic animals of Skripal in the form of two guinea pigs and a cat are no longer alive. This is only at first glance an excuse for another portion of jokes – “they removed important witnesses.”

And in fact, these are really “important witnesses”, since we are talking about a chemical poisonous substance, which, according to a number of versions, could be applied in the house of Skripal.

According to the British Guardian newspaper, the two guinea pigs died of dehydration, because they were not taken from the house. So how? The search was conducted by a forensic team, that did not notice the animals?

The team has not noticed the pets of the persons who were poisoned by nerve gas ?!

Allegedly (though no one knows on what day) the cat was taken to the same laboratory of Porton Down, and then … put to sleep.

Why did they put it to down? The answer is – because the cat was “in a stressful state”, as it was also “not noticed” during the search.

But that’s not all. According to the publication, both guinea pigs and a cat were cremated. In other words, they were destroyed, although these animals could become an important evidence in the case of poisoning by chemical agents.

And, now the most interesting thing in this story has to do with the pets. According to our information, the BBC was aware of the fact that there were pets in the house, but for some reason this information was hidden.

Perhaps, it’s just a coincidence. But experiments with nerve gas in Porton Down were put on guinea pigs (for 40 years in the laboratory, these studies were conducted on 3,400 of these animals). The further, the more terrible the picture opens.

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