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EU Commission implements audit recommendations adequately, say EU Auditors

A report published today by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) concludes that the EU Commission adequately follows up and implements a large majority of the ECA’s recommendations and that this has contributed towards improving the financial management in a number of areas of the EU budget.

by Linda Sommerschütt
The ECA adds value by applying its expertise to identify ways to improve financial management,” stated Mr Henrik Otbo, the ECA Member responsible for the report, “With the EU Commission taking our advice and implementing our recommendations, we are achieving our mission – to help the EU run better”.

The 2012 report on the follow-up of the European Court of Auditors’ Special Reports assessed if the Commission adequately followed up on audit recommendations made by the ECA in its special reports. The review examined a sample of 62 recommendations from ten special reports from 2006-2010. The ECA assessed the actions taken by the Commission in response to these 62 recommendations and found that 83 % were fully implemented or implemented in most respects, 12 % had been implemented in some respects, while 5 %had not been implemented. The review also showed that the Commission has proper guidelines and procedures in place concerning its follow up activities.

The follow-up of audit reports is considered by international auditing standards as the final stage in the performance audit cycle of planning, execution and follow up.

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